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The Forum

Posted by on November 26, 2012

Every fall semester the ISA program at Moulay Ismail University coordinates and hosts an event called the Forum. The Forum was designed to bring together students from colleges all over the world to discuss issues in the world today. Schools from Spain, Australia, England, and China were in attendance along with the Moroccan and ISA students. The theme was how to integrate yourself into the global market, and how to market yourself during the current global financial crisis. It started Thursday, November 15th and lasted until Saturday, November 17th. Friday was kind of an “iffy” day since it was the Islamic New Year which meant classes were cancelled that day but also many people (at least for the morning session) stayed home to celebrate. Because there were no classes on Friday, the Forum couldn’t be held at the University (which was the original plan) but thankfully the Community Center where the opening ceremony was held was available for Friday. During the morning session on Friday I, along with five other ISA and Moroccan students, gave a panel discussion on Intercultural Communication and the Global Market. I spoke for five minutes about how various aspects of Globalization and tourism have played a significant role within the Global Market. Also, I explained how Intercultural Communication integrates itself within the Global Market, and for that I focused on the internet and businesses such as IBM and McDonalds who use Intercultural Communication to sell their products. Along with our panel discussion there were other panel discussions after us and on Saturday morning discussing the same issues on the international job market. During Friday and Saturday evening, there were performances of ISA, Moroccan, and Spanish students displaying their various artistic talents such as singing, dancing, and a short play. Probably my favorite of all the performances was the Spanish Flamenco dance. As I’ve mentioned before in my entry about Spain, the country is like a beautiful piece of art with every characteristic and aspect of Spain fitting together to create a intricate and colorful mosaic. The Flamenco dance is a great example of the artistic qualities of the Spanish people with the serenading guitar complementing the spectacular voice of the singer along with the beautiful dancing señorita. Overall, the Forum was a great success, with lots of fun, music, and dancing along with intellectual discussions discovering ways for the next generation to have a positive impact on the current global society in which we live in today.

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